Brunch Briefing for diplomats #2

A subsequent meeting under the Brunch Briefing for diplomats project was held on 12 December, exactly 30 days after the parliamentary elections. The guests were invited to the Warsaw office of the Confederation at ul. Cybulskiego 3.

This time, the meeting was moderated by Jarosław Szczepański, Ph.D. (University of Warsaw, President of the INoP Foundation). The specialists: Sonia Buchholtz, Ph.D. (Polish Confederation Lewiatan), Piotr Zakrzewski, Ph.D. (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University) and Bartłomiej Biskup, Ph.D. (University of Warsaw), summed up the first month of the newly elected Sejm and Senate.

The Briefing was inaugurated by a representative of the Polish Lewiatan Confederation – Ms. Anna Rygiel-Biernacka, who outlined the mission of the organisation. Then, Jarosław Szczepański, Ph.D., the head of the Foundation, told the guests why INoP had been founded and what were its achievements. The first person to take the floor was Ms Sonia Buchholtz, Ph.D. Her paper was entitled ‘The challenges of countercyclical policy in Poland’. After that, Mr Bartłomiej Biskup, Ph.D., briefly presented the trends in political communication after the 2019 parliamentary elections. The panellist Mr Piotr Zakrzewski, Ph.D., discussed the balance of power after the elections.

As it ws announced at the beginning, the last part of the briefing was a Q&A session. Again, it was a great opportunity to exchange views and knowledge between diplomats and our experts. This Q&A session was also an inspiration for selecting the topics of future meetings.